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Making your insurance claim smoother

  Making your insurance claim go smoother would make our lives easier, and less stressful at a time where we already may be emotionally charged. Often we have a number of complimenting insurance policies to cover a number of risks, events and conditions that are particular to our needs.  We want to make sure that when we need to claim, that it is not a paperwork nightmare and that we do not get caught up talking to different people and companies for the same insurance claim. In my business I will quite often bundle policy benefits together to make it easier [...]

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How a Welcome Home Loan works

  Quite often I will come across clients who qualify for a Welcome Home Loan, so I thought I would write about how the Welcome Home Loan works. Welcome Home Loan explained This is a home deposit program from Housing New Zealand and it is designed to help new homeowners buy their first home.  It does have some rules around who will qualify and it is not for everyone.  In in today's housing market, the cost of delay is expensive (especially if you live in Auckland!) so my advice is, if you can afford it, and you qualify, buy it [...]

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How likely are you to claim your life insurance?

  How likely are you to claim life insurance? Insurance is about managing risk.  It's a simple concept where many people pool funds together and then funds are paid out to people who need it.  With so many people contributing to such a large pool of funds, there needs to be a line drawn in the sand of who gets paid these funds and when.  This is where policy wording determines and defines what is fair and what is not and who gets paid and who may not.  It simply cannot be a free for all "everyone gets paid all [...]

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