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Health Insurance Health insurance, how does it work and when you would need it.  This article will explain what it is, how it works and some examples where you would be glad you had it. This is private insurance where you pay a small premium to the insurer, and they will pay for the big private medical costs outlined in their policy document.  What types of costs insurers pay for and how much they pay can be very different from each other, which is why you should always talk to us first. One of the more popular form of Health [...]

Insurance for COVID-19

Insurance for COVID-19, and what are your options? Firstly, there is no specific insurance cover for COVID-19 but the medical conditions or health complications it may cause you, could be covered and it will depend on the type of cover you have and the conditions that are caused by COVID-19. Let's look at a couple of scenarios Scenario 1 If you had income protection and were unable to work because you were sick, then you could be eligible to claim on your income protection policy whether the COVID-19 virus caused it or not.  Your policy wording may be something like [...]

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Public Hospital Waiting Lists

Public Hospital Waiting Lists Have you ever wondered how many people are on public hospital waiting lists?  Just about every week, we see news headlines that our public health system is under pressure. Below is a headline that hit the NZ Herald on 21st October 2019 which read; Waikato mum suffering chronic pain told she can either pay $7500 for a scan or go on the waiting list. A woman who has been suffering chronic pain for more than a year has been told she'll need to wait until next month for a test that could be done within a [...]

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Best Medical Insurance

Who has the best medical insurance will depend on the benefits you are looking for in your cover.  In my opinion, one of the main criteria is where medical insurance will pay for Non-Pharmac subsidised drug treatment. For example, in today's' modern society new innovative drugs are being developed to help treat cancer, and some of the new drugs help those who are undergoing cancer treatment, but unless Pharmac subsidises the new drugs, they are far too expensive for most individuals.  Medical insurance could make the difference between life or death. So who has the best medical insurance? Most major [...]

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Disability insurance can mean different benefits, depending on the insurance solution you use.  There are disability insurance solutions that will pay you a lump sum benefit, and there are some that will pay you a monthly benefit, and there are some that will pay you a combination of both. In the context of this article, I will be talking about Income Protection also known as disability insurance and the fine print around claiming a partial disability benefit. What is Partial Disability? Partial disability is where you have to work lesser hours because of sickness or accident, that usually [...]

Best mortgage repayment insurance

BEST MORTGAGE REPAYMENT INSURANCE The best mortgage repayment insurance depends on what your needs are. Mortgage repayment insurance is one of the more popular insurance products purchased (aside from home, contents and car insurance) because it provides security in meeting your mortgage repayments in the event of sickness or accident. There are three sources of mortgage repayment insurance. You can buy it over the counter from a bank, sometimes directly with an insurer or use an adviser who usually can provide more than one option. HOW DO BENEFITS VARY? The difference between mortgage repayment insurance products can differ substantially, but [...]

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Level Premium Life Insurance

Level Premium Life Insurance is the better financial choice over the longer term. The main reason is that level premium life insurance starts off at a higher premium but does not increase each year. Premiums are typically guaranteed and fixed for the specified term. Level Premium Life Insurance If you plan on keeping your life insurance for longer than ten years, then you should seriously consider Level Premium Life Insurance in whole or part of your cover.  You may not have the budget for all of your cover to be on a Level Premium, but you should look at having [...]

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Understanding your life insurance policy

Recently AMP declined a Life Insurance Policy claim from a client where insurance benefits were part of his remuneration.  In an article posted by Newshub, AMP has declined a critical illness claim of $450,000 because when the employee left his employment his insurance benefits stopped. Within two months after he left his employment he was diagnosed with terminal oesophageal cancer and now Andrew Porteous has weeks to live. The hope here is that a company called Litigation funder LPF Group is taking his case on the basis that he did have cancer while he was employed, it just was not diagnosed. I really [...]

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What is Income Protection Insurance?

WHAT IS INCOME PROTECTION INSURANCE? Income Protection Insurance will replace your income when you are unable to work because of sickness or accident and is normally it is paid as a monthly benefit. It’s designed to ensure that you can still afford to meet your household expenses and financial obligations while you are unable to work, and will continue to do so until your policy expires or you can return to work. HOW DOES INCOME PROTECTION INSURANCE WORK? Regardless of whether you have an accident at work or away from work, or a sickness stops you from working, money is [...]

Getting the best ACC Cover

If you are self-employed, then choosing the correct ACC Cover is vital for own personal long term protection.  Most of us will just accept the default option or not consider the longer-term benefits of each ACC Cover Option. Did you know you have two ACC Cover options? That's right, there are 2 very important and distinctive ACC Cover options for self-employed.  Each option does its own job and works in a different way at claim time. What you get from your ACC Cover at claim time depends on what you do now and how you set it up. What you [...]

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