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Level Premium Life Insurance

Level Premium Life Insurance is the better financial choice over the longer term. The main reason is that level premium life insurance starts off at a higher premium but does not increase each year. Premiums are typically guaranteed and fixed for the specified term. Level Premium Life Insurance If you plan on keeping your life insurance for longer than ten years, then you should seriously consider Level Premium Life Insurance in whole or part of your cover.  You may not have the budget for all of your cover to be on a Level Premium, but you should look at having [...]

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How likely are you to claim your life insurance?

  How likely are you to claim life insurance? Insurance is about managing risk.  It's a simple concept where many people pool funds together and then funds are paid out to people who need it.  With so many people contributing to such a large pool of funds, there needs to be a line drawn in the sand of who gets paid these funds and when.  This is where policy wording determines and defines what is fair and what is not and who gets paid and who may not.  It simply cannot be a free for all "everyone gets paid all [...]

Life Assurance

Life doesn’t always go to plan. You may think ‘it will never happen to me’, but the reality is some of us will die unexpectedly, leaving family and loved ones behind, life assurance is not normally for the insured person, it's for the one/s they leave behind. When others depend on you Have you made plans to ensure your family or business can survive without you? Could your family cope with paying the monthly bills or making mortgage repayments without your salary? Could your business continue without your input and expertise? Food for thought. On average there is one death [...]

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