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Online Mortgage Calculator

Online Mortgage Calculator

online mortgage calculatorUse our online mortgage calculator to work out what mortgage your repayments would be.  You can use our calculator to work out how much your new loan repayments would be, or you can work out the differences in repayment amounts if you refinanced to a lower mortgage interest rate.


To use our online mortgage calculator, all you have to do is enter in a loan amount, an interest rate (one has already been entered in for you) and how many years you would like to have your mortgage, then click calculate.

If you would prefer to talk to a mortgage adviser, please contact us and we can work your repayments out over the phone for you.

Payment Frequency

When choosing a repayment frequency we recommend choosing a frequency which should be realistic and suit your income cycle, for example, if you get paid weekly, you may choose to calculate weekly repayments.

Our online mortgage calculator will work out principle and interest repayments, which means that it will work out your interest repayment and some of the actual loan to be repaid as well.  This differs from interest only repayments where repayments are calculated to repay only the interest and no repayments are made on the actual loan amount.

Remember, the quicker you can make your repayment, the more interest you will save over the longer term.  All that aside, make sure the repayment cycle suits you and not the bank.

Quick Instructions

  1. Enter a loan amount
  2. Enter an interest rate or keep the default one
  3. Enter how many years your mortgage would be
  4. Select your preferred payment frequency
  5. Click Calculate

You can make as many calculations as you like using different loan amounts, interest rates and loan terms.  This is not a loan qualifying system, it is strictly a loan repayment calculator.

online mortgage calculator
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