online mortgage calculatorOnline Mortgage Calculator

Use our online mortgage calculator to work out what mortgage your repayments would be.  You can use our calculator to work out how much your new loan repayments would be, or you can work out the differences in repayment amounts if you refinanced to a lower mortgage interest rate.

To use our online mortgage calculator, all you have to do the following;

  1. Enter the Home Value of the property
  2. Enter how much Deposit you have and the Loan Amount will automatically be calculated
  3. By default we provide an interest Rate, which you can change
  4. The default Term is 30 years which you can change if you want to
  5. We will work out the Monthly Payment

If you would prefer to talk to a mortgage adviser, instead of using our online mortgage calculator, please contact us and we can work your repayments out over the phone for you.



Working out how much your mortgage repayment may be is one thing, and the next step is to get us to make a quick assessment to see if you would qualify with the banks we use.  Complete our 5 minute quick assessment and we will personally assess how much you could borrow from our range of lenders.


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