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Redundancy Insurance

Redundancy Insurance This cover usually is available as an add-on to Income Protection insurance but may be able to be purchased separately through some insurers.  Redundancy Insurance is not often part of have Income Protection insurance, and you have to add it as an optional extra. Why should you have redundancy insurance? Firstly, not all occupations can get this type of cover, so you will need to check with your adviser, whether it is available for your occupation class or industry. Think for a moment, what your options are if you were made redundant, how would your household cope without [...]

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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Disability insurance can mean different benefits, depending on the insurance solution you use.  There are disability insurance solutions that will pay you a lump sum benefit, and there are some that will pay you a monthly benefit, and there are some that will pay you a combination of both. In the context of this article, I will be talking about Income Protection also known as disability insurance and the fine print around claiming a partial disability benefit. What is Partial Disability? Partial disability is where you have to work lesser hours because of sickness or accident, that usually [...]

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