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Understanding your life insurance policy

Recently AMP declined a Life Insurance Policy claim from a client where insurance benefits were part of his remuneration.  In an article posted by Newshub, AMP has declined a critical illness claim of $450,000 because when the employee left his employment his insurance benefits stopped. Within two months after he left his employment he was diagnosed with terminal oesophageal cancer and now Andrew Porteous has weeks to live. The hope here is that a company called Litigation funder LPF Group is taking his case on the basis that he did have cancer while he was employed, it just was not diagnosed. I really [...]

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When can you claim insurance?

When can you claim insurance? Here is an actual claim story from 2011 which an adviser has shared. His clients were a young couple, with 3 children. They are your typical hard working busy couple, he had his own small business and she was a stay at home mum and the kids belonged to all sorts of after-school activities, they were a busy family, even on the weekends. They had bought a new home a few years before and took out life cover, mortgage repayment and trauma cover, all which were recommended by the adviser. The couple was contacted each [...]

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Making your insurance claim smoother

  Making your insurance claim go smoother would make our lives easier, and less stressful at a time where we already may be emotionally charged. Often we have a number of complimenting insurance policies to cover a number of risks, events and conditions that are particular to our needs.  We want to make sure that when we need to claim, that it is not a paperwork nightmare and that we do not get caught up talking to different people and companies for the same insurance claim. In my business I will quite often bundle policy benefits together to make it easier [...]

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