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Key Person Insurance

What is Key Person Insurance? Key Person Insurance can protect one of the most valuable assets a business owner can have which is a Key Person.  This is the right person in the right role who creates a substantial portion of your business revenue, but it can take precious time and money to find the right person for your business. You may even need to go through a few employees to find the right person, and getting them up to speed on your business. The payoff is, once the right person is up to speed, they can become an asset [...]

Getting the best ACC Cover

If you are self-employed, then choosing the correct ACC Cover is vital for own personal long term protection.  Most of us will just accept the default option or not consider the longer-term benefits of each ACC Cover Option. Did you know you have two ACC Cover options? That's right, there are 2 very important and distinctive ACC Cover options for self-employed.  Each option does its own job and works in a different way at claim time. What you get from your ACC Cover at claim time depends on what you do now and how you set it up. What you [...]

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