Welcome Home Loan

Get your Welcome Home Loan Approved by us. Our mortgage service is free to you, and we know how these loans work and how your home start grant works as well.

Let us make it easy for you to get your first home loan.

  • We do all the running around
  • We do the bank paperwork for you
  • We negotiate rates and fees
  • We come to you
  • We guide you through your grant process
  • We provide sound advice

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What is a Welcome Home Loan?

The toughest part about buying your first home is saving enough deposit.  Saving your home loan deposit these days is a struggle at best, and in some cases almost impossible.

Most lenders require a minimum 20% deposit and in some cases 10%, but even that is hard to save, so the Welcome Home Loan is for those who need help and are first home buyers, you may also be eligible for a home start grant.

How does it work?

Understanding how a Welcome Home Loan works and what you are eligible for, what price range you can buy and how much deposit you need can vary from city to city and depends on your current financial situation.

You may be able to use some of your KiwiSaver but how much you can get depends on how long you have been in your KiwiSaver and how much you have.  You may also be entitled to a Government grant.

How to apply for a Your Home Loan

We guide you through the whole process and do most of the work for you.

The process involves four steps which are;

  • Meeting the required criteria (which we do with you to make sure we can get you your loan).
  • Selecting a suitable lender (which we do for you based on best recommendation).
  • Getting your deposit together, which we assist you in what we need and how to get a grant to help with your deposit and any KiwiSaver withdrawals and work with your lawyer to get these done for you.
  • Get approval from for your Home Loan which we do for you.

Our service to you is entirely FREE we do not charge you at all.

To get your Welcome Home Loan approved contact us anytime on 07 349 1270 or 027 477 6796 or Contact Us.

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